Aims and Objectives:

This international Conference aims to discuss various concepts and models connected with Youth Development to evolve appropriate strategies and plans which will help alter substantially the lives of young people especially the poor and marginalized.

This Conference will discuss Youth Development from a multi-dimensional perspective which include Education, Skill development, Physical wellbeing, Psychological wellbeing, Political participation & Civic engagement, Role of stakeholders and Inclusive approach.

Both organizations which work with young people and Youth-led organizations are looking for strong theoretical inputs or hypothetical constructs and innovative or operative models and practices with regard to Youth Development. These papers and models from different contexts will serve as great sources of learning for those who have been carrying out various services to the young, often traditional and stereo-typed.

This Conference is on a search mode for positive interventions. It calls for experts who have ideas to empower the youth. It calls for models which have worked successfully among the young in shaping their destiny.  Hence it will deliberate more on interventions & best practices of youth development than on youth problems its causes and consequences etc. The focus will be to document both concepts as well as effective and innovative practices of Youth Development.